How digital health will revolutionize the future of health

All that seemed distant and futuristic until yesterday, today is already a reality...


My already rewarding stay in Polifarma was expanded recently to further exciting experience, participation in the Health Frontiers in Berlin.

The leading experts of IT and digital communication have come and gone for 2 days on stage dell'Umspannwerk, in a frame but with a modern classical momentum.

There was some discussion of digital but mainly health and support that new technologies can give to different areas of health such as health care, research, health education and health surveillance. Were highlighted advances in neurotechnologies, the futuristic medical device, new communicational channels of the app to support telemedicine, all aimed at improving the quality of life.

What has emerged is that the digital does not replace the people but rather the approaches, which improves efficiency and facilitates the work, but above amplifies the knowledge; if those people working in the medical field you can only hope for a better health.

This event gave us the knowledge that all that until yesterday we seemed distant and futuristic today is already a reality but what most excites us and makes us proud is knowing that in such a context of innovation, not only adapts, but Polifarma It is a candidate to be a Healthcare provider able to adopt the technology that the market offers to better meet the unmet therapeutic needs. "


  Daniele Pierno
  Product Specialist Representative

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