Polifarma announces the launch of the Cardio Business Unit


Rome, Sept. 29, 2023 - Polifarma, on the strength of its historicity in the pharmaceutical industry, announces the launch of its new Cardio Business Unit, marking the company's return to a crucial therapeutic area that it has helped implement with therapeutic solutions since the early 1900s. This important step represents an innovative breakthrough in the business and therapeutic landscape as Polifarma prepares to offer advanced solutions for the treatment of hypertension. 
High blood pressure is a widespread medical condition that increases the risk of future cardiovascular events. Despite the wide range of pharmacological options available, effective control of hypertension remains a daunting goal for many patients. To address this challenge, Polifarma has embarked on the path of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in the Cardio area. 

The launch of the Cardio BU marks Polifarma's decisive return to the cardiology area, with a significant change in the approach to therapy. DTx represents a new therapeutic paradigm, combining the use of advanced health technologies with clinically proven pharmacological treatments. This synergistic approach promises to significantly improve the management of hypertension, enabling patients to take a more active role in monitoring and caring for their cardiovascular health. 
Polifarma is strongly committed to the fight against high blood pressure through the QK-D project, conducted in collaboration with daVI Digitale Medicine Srl. The aim of this project is to develop a Bio-Digital Therapy for the treatment of essential hypertension that can be used both independently and in combination with antihypertensive drug therapy. 
The main goal of the project is to improve the management of hypertension by patients themselves and to increase the effectiveness of antihypertensive treatment in real daily living conditions. The QK-D Bio-Digital Therapy will be a valuable tool to enable patients to constantly monitor their blood pressure, track therapy intake, receive personalized feedback, and make lifestyle changes in a timely manner in collaboration with their doctor. 

In the near future, the company will focus on structuring the new Business Unit, which will start in January 2024, seeking professionals who share Polifarma's vision and enthusiasm. The future looks promising, with the company poised to introduce solutions that will help change the way we deal with high blood pressure and improve the quality of life of patients with cardiovascular problems by looking forward to a scenario in which technology and drug therapy work together to achieve new therapeutic goals. 


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