Polifarma, daVinci Digital Therapeutics and daVi DigitalMedicine enter into collaboration to develop and commercialise Digital Drug Supports and Digital Therapeutics associated with drugs to improve treatment of chronic diseases

The collaboration brings together Polifarma's expertise in the development and commercialisation of drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases with the expertise of startups daVinci Digital Therapeutics and daVi DigitalMedicine in the research and development of Digital Drug Supports and Digital Therapeutics for prescription drugs.


  • Together, the companies will develop and market digital application-based medical devices, either associated or combined with drugs, with the aim of fostering better clinical outcomes of disease treatment.
  • The agreement furthers Polifarma's commitment to explore digital innovation for the benefit of patient health and to develop the company's new bio-digital pipeline.
  • The first projects will be launched in 2022 and will address the treatment of high blood pressure and insomnia.

Rome, Milan and Verona – January 21, 2022

Polifarma spa, daVinci Digital Therapeutics srl and daVi DigitalMedicine srl announce the start of collaboration for the development and marketing of Digital Drug Supports and Digital Therapeutics for prescription drugs associated or combined with drugs, with the aim of improving the management and treatment of chronic diseases.

The pharmaceutical company Polifarma and the digital biotechnology startups daVinci Digital Therapeutics and daVi DigitalMedicine have agreed to combine their expertise in the development and commercialization of prescription drugs and Digital Drug Supports and Digital Therapeutics, respectively, to make available to patients worldwide new bio-digital therapies able to foster maximum benefit from pharmacological treatment and promote health-oriented behaviors. 

"Polifarma aims to provide an innovative contribution to the management and treatment of chronic diseases through the combination of its own medicines with digital disease monitoring and treatment applications. By leveraging the opportunities of these new digital technologies, we want to complete the first cycle of our corporate evolution, which started in the middle of last decade, and qualify as one of the leading companies in the research and development of bio-digital therapies" says Andrea Bracci, Polifarma CEO. 

"daVinci, daVi and Polifarma share the vision that the patient with chronic disease can achieve the highest quality of life and health through the integration of different healthcare technologies, based on chemistry, biotechnology and now also digital. Technologies able to control and modulate biological processes, to guide and personalise treatments based on data, to promote health-oriented behaviour," says Giuseppe Recchia, co-founder and CEO of daVinci Digital Therapeutics and daVi DigitalMedicine. "The partnership with Polifarma makes it possible to realise this vision and offer new health opportunities to the patient, who now becomes a key player in the digital transformation of health and therapy," continues Giuseppe Recchia. The initial focus of the collaboration is on the research, development and commercialisation of evidence-based, data-driven, bio-digital therapies tailored to individual patients in the fields of hypertension and sleep disorders, with the aim of improving clinical outcomes and reducing the economic burden on public and private healthcare.

These projects, starting in January 2022, will be conducted in collaboration with universities, scientific associations and patient organisations using a participatory development approach. "Partnerships between pharmaceutical and digital therapeutics companies are at the heart of the development of this new area of research," says Massimo Beccaria, co-founder and CEO of daVinci. "Digital Therapeutics, digital prescription therapies in which the active ingredient is a software and not chemical or biological molecules, represent an emerging area of Digital Medicine, with significant opportunities to transform the treatment of patients with chronic diseases. 

Digital Drug Supports are medical devices, based on digital applications, able to provide the best conditions for the patient to use the drug through, for example, the reminder of the intake, the training on how to inhale or ingest it, the sharing of experiences with other previously treated patients, the communication with the doctor, the social support from family members, the management of any adverse events associated with the use of the drug, in a digitally engaging and empathic way. "At Polifarma, we believe that digital technologies can offer new and challenging ways to help patients with chronic diseases manage and improve their health. We are delighted to partner with innovative startups such as daVinci Digital Therapeutics and daVi DigitalMedicine to develop bio-digital therapies combining our medicines with new digital devices. We are confident that the collaboration between business, startups, academia and civil society represents the engine for a new development of our country and a primary way to achieve the objectives of the PNRR" continues Andrea Bracci, CEO Polifarma "Drug Digital Supports and Digital Therapeutics associated or combined with our drugs represent an excellent completion of our pipeline and portfolio and reflect our patient-centric approach to the treatment of chronic diseases that increasingly represent a global health emergency". 

"This collaboration," Giuseppe Recchia concludes, " is an important step in the development of the new model of health management, which today we call Digital Medicine and in a few years we will simply call Medicine".

The digital applications covered by the collaboration agreement, developed in association or combination with drugs, are classified as medical devices and represent Digital Medicine products such as:

  • Digital Drug Supports
  • Digital Self-Management, Education & Supports
  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Digital Monitoring

Polifarma Spa

Polifarma Spa is an Italian company founded in 1919 and acquired in June 1999 by the Final group headed by Mrs. Angelini, one of the most respected names in the Italian pharmaceutical market. Mrs. Angelini is one of those Italian entrepreneurs who still believe in the possibility of investing in the domestic market and to do so she has been supporting for years the development of Polifarma, a company that offers itself as a reliable and capable partner in the marketing of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, thanks to its specialist skills and intense research into innovative, effective and quality solutions. Among the values that characterize the corporate philosophy, in the foreground there are ethics, attention to the person, whether customer or employee, result orientation, dynamism, innovation and a solid corporate social responsibility: the sharing of these values creates in Polifarma staff a unique identity and pride to be part of an organization that wants to grow in respect of human values and customer care.

daVinci Digital Therapeutics srl

daVinci Digital Therapeutics is a Digital Biotechnology Company engaged in the research, development and delivery of prescription Digital Therapeutics for the treatment of chronic diseases and substance abuse disorders, founded in Milan in January 2019. The vision of daVinci Digital Therapeutiucs is that Digital Therapeutics - alone, in addition to or in combination with other treatments such as medications - are the first therapeutic option offered by the physician to patients with chronic diseases or substance abuse disorders. daVinci Digital Therapeutics website: https://davincidtx.com

daVi DigitalMedicine srl

daVi DigitalMedicinel is a Digital Biotechnology Company devoted to the research and development of Digital Medicine products such as Digital Drug Supports, Digital Self-Management Education & Supports, Digital Rehabilitation and others that can improve clinical outcomes and health of patients with chronic disease, founded in Verona, Italy in February 2019.

In order to achieve its research and development goals, daVi DigitalMedicine srl partners with universities, media companies and enterprises, through collaboration agreements and business networks, also aimed at fostering the training and information of healthcare professionals, researchers, patients and citizens.

daViDigitalMedicine website : https://www.davidigitalmedicine.com

Media Contacts

  • Polifarma: info@polifarma.it
  • daVi DigitalMedicine: mediarelations@davidigitalmedicine.com
  • daVinci Digital Therapeutics: info@davincidtx.co
  • Tel: 02 2399 2999


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