Polifarma @Frontiers Health 2018 Fast Track Italia

The Frontiers Health’s Fast Track was held in Milan on June 7th and 8th.


On 7 and 8 June, the Frontiers Health's Fast Track was held in Milan, anticipating the international conference on Digital Health, Innovation and the Future of Health, which is held every year in Berlin.

For Polifarma, Frontiers Health is now a fixed appointment. In fact, we share the vision of the Conference and of those companies that have chosen to be active protagonists in the digital transformation that is taking place in the health industry.

During the meeting in Milan, we listened to the testimonies of internationally renowned experts and to their vision on the future of health, and confirmed the suitability of the strategies and activities we have chosen to undertake.

It's been a while since we embarked on a digital transformation process, integrating digital and new technologies into our marketing strategies and corporate projects, and adopting innovative technical tools to streamline and optimise internal workflows.

We consider the integration of digital strategies into the companies' daily activities a critical factor for success, essential for all those that, just as ourselves, believe in the evolution the drug industry is about to undergo.

We are interested in customising therapies, and discovering new approaches by combining traditional and innovative solutions, and thus, we will work on this issue and other related matters in the near future, exploring the new frontiers of Health, and as usual, by your side.



Frontiers Health's fast track was also a further opportunity to meet and network with digital start-ups within our sector, and that today constitute a heritage of technologies and new low-cost solutions that, if identified and tactically integrated into business strategies, can prove to be fundamental and differentiating.

At Polifarma, we are convinced that we are close to an epoch-making change that will lead us to conceive and experience our work -and our health- through new dynamics and processes... and we want to be a part of that change! We want to be there, so that we don't fall behind. We want to look back and smile as we see what we have become.
Polifarma is there, with the strength of having 'almost' 100 years of experience in the Italian pharmaceutical market, but with an always attentive and open look into to the future.



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