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Code of conduct

Polifarma S.p.A., in order to define the set of values which it intends to focus its activities on to achieve its business goals and in response to that laid down in Legislative Decree 231/2001 on matters of the administrative responsibility of companies and public entities, establishes with the Code, the general principles of conduct, to guide the professional commitment of each employee and associate.

With the adoption of the Code, Polifarma intends to confirm and consolidate the values and ethical responsibilities that must guide Company Representatives, Employees And Associates, and in general all those who operate in the name and/or on behalf of Polifarma S.p.A. (the Recipients), in Italy and abroad, on correct behaviour and appropriate conduct, in company dealings and in respect of all internal, external and institutional representatives.

Through appropriate referral to the Organisational Model and the Code of Ethics contained in the contractual clauses, Polifarma bases its relations with third parties on the principles and provisions of the Model and the Code: in this way, suppliers and contractual partners of Polifarma S.p.A. are required to comply with them. ​

The Code constitutes part of the Organisation, Management and Control Model provided by art. 6 of Legislative Decree 231/2001 on the matter of “Rules on the administrative liability of legal persons", approved by the Board of Directors of Polifarma S.p.A. ​

The Code is based on the Code of Ethics of Farmindustria - the National Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry - to which Polifarma S.p.A. adheres, as well as to that provided for by the Farmindustria Guidelines for the certification of procedures relating to the activity of scientific information.

The Code applies to all Recipients; Polifarma places the utmost importance on compliance with the Code by all Recipients also as a condition for safeguarding and promoting its reputation. ​

The Code must be applied with reference to all of Polifarma S.p.A.’s activities and must represent the constant reference for all of company procedures, policies, guidelines and contractual relations.

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At Polifarma, every day a group of about 140 professionals, including internal employees and the external network, works closely sharing knowledge, skills and expertise.

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