Anxiety anguish and fear

These are three similar feelings, which manifest themselves however differently and at different levels of intensity.


Fear is a strong and intense emotion that we feel in the presence of danger, it can be more or less paralyzing, but fear is always precious because it activates defence mechanisms in case of danger.

Even if the danger is real, fear is subjective, because imagination plays an important role in the perception of that danger. Fear is often accompanied by physical reactions such as, for example, the sudden and abundant production of adrenaline.

However, fear is a more precise sensation, whereas anguish and anxiety are more vague feelings.

Healthy anxiety is a normal adapting reaction to a danger or an important situation in life. When anxiety is stronger or chronic it becomes a real pathology, in this case it becomes a vague feeling of discomfort, which translates into a state of apprehension, of more or less intense discomfort, difficulty in breathing, palpitations, sweating excessive.

The anguish is a step higher than anxiety, it is a state of mind always with an anxious imprint but even more invasive, disturbing and paralyzing, due to an influx of emotional stimuli, moreover the anguish is a precise emotion and it comes as a crisis, while anxiety has a more chronic nature. The difference between anguish and anxiety is subtle. Medicine considers anguish as an exasperated form of anxiety.


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