Bacterial congenitisation

It is due to the action of microorganisms, the bacteria which come into contact with the eye and the conjunctiva.


Contact can occur with dirty hands or by sharing toiletries.

There are different types of bacterial conjunctivitis depending on the bacterium that is responsible for it.


In addition to the unspecific symptoms common to all forms of conjunctivitis, bacterial conjunctivitis presents yellowish mucus secretions.

In some cases, when these secretions are abundant, at waking the eyelids appear to be glued and it is difficult to open them.

Generally the symptoms are monocular (affecting only one eye), but in some cases they can extend to both eyes.


Diagnosis occurs through the examination of symptoms and secretions.

When conjunctivitis does not resolve with the most common antibiotics, the ophthalmologist generally proceeds with a small withdrawal of secretions for laboratory analysis to identify the bacterium responsible for bacterial conjunctivitis and prescribe specific therapy.


Therapy involves the use of antibiotics as eye drops or ointment.

Usually, bacterial conjunctivitis resolves within a few days (about a week) without leaving traces.


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