Healthy eyes even at the office

Some useful tips to defeat eye strain and visual blurring.


Thanks to a higher carefulness of the quality of people’s life even at the office, most of the employees are starting to improve their daily habits.

This can happen because of an increasing awareness which is becoming a faithful ally of people’s health.

Apart from the usual postural problems which afflict the majority of the employees who work seated in front of a laptop, people should even think about their eyes.

Indeed, eye strain, visual blurring, the annoying sensation of having something inside the eyes and the itch on the eyelids usually depend on the way people look at their laptops and keyboards during the day.

To be more specific, we can list two main factors which can be considered as some of the causes of the previous mentioned problems:

  • The screen brightness and contrast: they both have to be adjusted so as not to dazzle people
  • The position of the screen: the screen needs to be easily adjustable so as to facilitate people who often use a laptop

Additionally, it should be said that it is not healthy to stare at something without blinking for a long time. As a matter of fact, the physiological blink facilitates the distribution of tears on the ocular surface with the purpose of lubricating, cleaning, protecting and feeding the cornea.

Furthermore, when people do not blink a lot, tears tend to evaporate and the problems mentioned before can occur more easily. Therefore, people should remember to voluntarily blink their eyes from time to time when they use a laptop.

Another common problem is the ocular tiredness and heaviness caused by the eye muscles which are forced to stay in the same position for a long time.

With all this in mind, people should remember to periodically look away from the screen and rely on the “visual training” (there are free apps which help people to learn the correct exercises).

As it was already said, the itch on the eyelids is another problem that occurs when people use a laptop. Sometimes people rub their eyes to relax the muscles, but they forget that their hands are not perfectly cleaned after having been in contact with the keyboard and other potentially contaminated objects.

To avoid this problem, it can be useful to use wipes specifically thought for the hygiene of the eye. In this way the eyelids remain cleaned and fresh.

Finally, we wish you all the best in your work, hoping these tips can help you to stay better!


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