How to help people with depression

Depression involves family, relatives and friends.


The malaise felt by those suffering from Depression affects and involves family, relatives and friends.

When the household may be upset, it is therefore important for all family members to recognize this disease and know how to deal with it.

Here below are some useful tips for family of a depressed patient, bearing in mind first of all that from this disease you can heal:

  1. Do not underestimate disorders such as fatigue, irritability, stress, reduced productivity at work, apathy, tendency to isolation
  2. Do not blame the patient for such behavior, because it does not depend on him but on his illness, rather try to assume an attitude of understanding and pose as a person you can trust
  3. Choose a trusted specialist who takes care of the patient, and convince the latter to accept him
  4. Help him to follow the recommended therapy, both pharmacological and other
  5. Have patience throughout the time of the course of the disease and its healing, which can also be very long
  6. Constantly encourage the patient so that he can reach the goal of recovery
  7. Beware of signs that could reveal suicidal intentions even with the help of a specialist.
  8. Do not disdain the involvement in associations or groups of help, useful for both the patient and the family
  9. Invite you to resume your daily and affective life: walks, shows, sports, frequenting friends and public places.
  10. Keep calm during such a path that, sometimes, it could be long and heavy. Do not sacrifice yourself and reserve space for your life.

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