Irritable colon syndrome - Useful expedients

Pay attention to your diet because certain foods may exacerbate the syndrome.


It has been noticed that, in many individuals, specific care for the dietary habits has lead to a regression of the syndrome.
Before modifying one's diet, it's necessary to write down the food which seems to exacerbate the symptoms, and then report it to one's doctor.
As the food isn't always the same for every patient, it's necessary to include/exclude the foodstuffs from the diet, in order to identify those which truly cause reactions.

It's thus important to:

  1. Follow a balanced diet; consume meals rich in fibres which can mitigate the symptoms - especially constipation - even though they aren't effective on pain. Whole wheat bread and cereals, fruit and vegetables are good sources of fibres and can help keep the colon slightly outstretched, as this can prevent the spasms.
  2. Drink 6/8 glasses of still water, especially when affected by diarrhea. Fizzy drinks instead, can contribute to gas formation and cause pain and swelling.
  3. Avoid chewing-gums and eating too quickly; they both could cause involuntary air intake in the stomach
  4. Avoid abundant meals; it's preferable to eat less and more often, possibly on a regular schedule
  5. Practice moderate but constant physical activity
  6. Don't misuse medecines, especially laxatives

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