Metabolic syndrome - Causes, symptoms and useful expedients

Overweight is the main cause of this syndrome.



Overweight is the main cause of this syndrome. A surplus in bodily fat, especially in the abdominal area, leads to an imbalance of fat and sugar which eventually results in hyperinsulinaemia. Other causes - no less important - are improper lifestyles due to unhealthy dietary habits (a diet rich in fat), alcohol misuse and/or reduced physical activity.


The hazardousness of this framework concerns the fact that it's often asymptomatic, so that the subjects suffering from it claim they're healthy.

Useful expedients

Reducing body weight by a low-calories diet which is rich in fibers and anti-oxidants, and guaranteeing to the body some constant physical activity to burn stored fat are the first devices to stick to.

Fruit and vegetables, a little amount of exclusively white meat, fish and dry fruit are to be preferred, whereas alcohol, sweets and carbohydrates are to be cut off.

As far as physical activity is concerned, it's necessary to go for a quick walk at least for 30/40 minutes a day.


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