Osteoarticular pain

The bone and joint pains are dependent inflammatory reactions of joint structures: bones, tendons and ligaments.


Osteoarticular pain is an inflammatory reaction involving joints structures: bones, tendons, ligaments.

The inflammation is a defensive process that engrafts due to a damage; its aim is to eliminate the damage in order to start a reparing process.

The most common symptoms of the inflammation are:

  • Heat (increase of the district temperature)
  • Swelling
  • Reddening
  • Pain

Osteoarticular pain can occur at any age. The youngest are more sensitive to micro-traumas (reiterated stress on the joint provokes small lesions) and to sprains and dislocations (the joint carries out an innatural movement, and the tendons and ligaments strain; the sprain is transient, the dislocation is permanent and needs specific manuevers). The elderly, instead, are more sensitive to conditions such as arthrosis (joints aging) and autoimmune diseases: caused by an anomalous and excessive activity of the immune system. It targets tissues and joints throughout the body, causing inflammation and pain.

Useful expedients

There are some remedies that allow patients to relieve the pain provoked by these various kinds of joints damage. The most important are:

  • Hot or cold poultices
  • Hydrotherapy (it relieves the pressure on the joints)
  • Specific massages
  • Targeted physical activity without exceeding the pain threshold
  • Rest and immobilisation if pain is acute

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