Spring is coming, but this is not good for everyone

The outdoor activities can cause many problems to those who suffer from allergies


After a long winter, we truly feel the need to stay outside enjoying the sun and the open air. Indeed, during the spring it is easier to play sport and take walks in a nice green park or upon the blooming hills.

But all these activities can cause many problems to those who suffer from allergies.

It should be said that not all the people in the world suffer from allergies, but a high percentage of the population is more susceptible to allergens.

The symptoms of seasonal allergies are getting worse even because of the pollution and the fine dust which weigh down the allergens, allowing them to last longer and keep staying in contact with our mucosa. Consequently, our body is forced to fight back.

Let’s try to see what happens and what we can do to alleviate any discomfort for our eyes and nose.  

How do we react?

Our eyes, stimulated by the pollen, become red and start to itch; itching spreads to the periocular area, all around the eyes between the eyelids and the eyebrows. In response to this, our body produces a large amount of tears so as to “wash away” the allergens. This reaction makes the tears lose their protective and lubricating power, causing the sensation of having small grains of sand in the eyes. Additionally, the light sensitivity increases. 

Even our nose usually reacts to the allergens, trying to expel the “intruders” from the nasal mucosa through strong sneezes and rhinorrhoea. Consequently, we blow our nose more frequently with the purpose of getting rid of the problem.

What can we do?

The first advice is to speak with professionals whose job is to prescribe the right therapies.

In the meantime, we can try to alleviate the pain by following the practices described below:

  • Avoid staying outside for a long time, especially around countryside and parks
  • Wear protective sunglasses and hats
  • Take walks by the sea, where it is very unusual to find pollen and allergens
  • Whenever you come back home, change your clothes (do not do it in your bedroom)
  • Change the pillowcases more often
  • Do not allow pets to stay in the bedrooms or on the coaches
  • Wash the floor and the windows more often
  • Clean the periocular area with wipes for sensitive skin
  • Wash your nose with specific devices that help to soothe the nasal mucosa

Just few advices to enjoy the spring!

...and the Pollen Diary can be useful if you do not want to get caught unprepared. 

Find it here!


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