Electronic data processing functional area


Operates as the company contact for the computer industry, ensuring:

  • the definition of the architecture of the information system;
  • connectivity, identifying and offering a package of hardware/software solutions to business users by providing a correct infra-company communication system;
  • efficiency of communication networks.

Manages the network infrastructure, possibly by evaluating and proposing external operators to which to outsource portions of information systems.


Has a thorough knowledge of the operating environment of the information system installations.
Configures and optimises the service of software products provided under their responsibility.
Creates and maintains the documentation associated with the generation and operational management of software projects.
Defines the standards to be used during the installation of software products and their operational management.
Supervises the installation of new versions of software products that fall within their sphere of responsibility.
Provides complete technical support on all issues relevant to the products in the technological area of their competence.
Plans their activity and that of the other members of the various teams maintaining accurate and updated reports on the status of all ongoing activities.
Coordinates the training of other people in the group.


Ensures the development and operation of information systems which are central to their areas of competence.
Transposes, analyses and meets the needs of business users of competence by formulating alternatives and solutions that will optimise the cost/performance ratio.
Defines and coordinates plans and activities for the development of systems, agreeing times and priorities with users.
Ensures the maintenance and updating of existing systems and applications.

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