Logistics/Purchasing functional area


Coordinates performing administrative tasks, making inventories and accounting and tax controls, recording the movements of finished products and/or production materials.
Supervises and coordinates other staff in carrying out activities involving the acceptance, control, unloading, storage, preservation and shipping of materials or goods.
Maintains contacts with transporters and customers to resolve problems related to the cost efficiency and timeliness of shipments.
Interacts with other staff to organise the warehouse activity, in accordance with their times.
Responsible for the effectiveness of the means and equipment entrusted to them.


Contributes to drafting the purchasing and supplies plan on the basis of related programmes.
Performs market research to identify the best suppliers.
Directly negotiates purchases, agreeing quantities, prices, delivery and payment terms.
Contributes to checking the progress of purchases by analysing deviations between quotes and final balances.


Prepares custom bills and related currency and statistics documentation, also performing counts of amounts.
Monitors and corrects accessory documents to the file.
Prepares the file by assembling the correspondence, the instructions for transporters and any other document necessary to successfully complete the file.

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