Scientific service functional area


Ensures the identification of the need for education and training, both individual and group, the offering and creation of materials and programmes for professional development and scientific and technical training, also in relation to changing the communication and sales techniques of the entire structure of technical/scientific or sales information. Supervises and coordinates the activities of trainers or other resources.
Provides assistance through systematic product updates.
Provides adequate technical support in the preparation and implementation of training courses and materials for customers and/or the sales network.
Technically assesses competitive products.
Collaborates with marketing to identify market needs relating to improvements or changes to the products sold, also collaborating on updating product information materials.



Works in a decentralised way that involves travelling. Deals directly with delicate negotiations and one or more key customers of importance at national or international level for the company.
Carries out functions which involve the planning, coordination and control of the sales network of the related administration as well as the supervision and coordination and professional development of staff for several geographical sales areas or for a product sector of fundamental importance.
Responsible for developing sales targets and collaborates on defining and achieving them in their areas of its competence.
Can participate in defining sales forecasts and identifies the causes for a deviation from the actual results.
Can coordinate the development and implementation of detailed analyses of customers’ businesses and areas of their competence possibly performed by co-workers.
Ensures the supervision and coordination of a MSR group.
Responsible for their own geographical area of achieving the company’s set goals, ensures the training and professional development of their staff and the implementation of company policies.


Carries out scientific information activities among doctors, describing the pharmacological and therapeutic characteristics of the drugs to them, in order to ensure correct use.
Informs the company of any observations made on the use of drugs that emerge from the discussion with healthcare providers and, in particular, the information on the side effects of drugs for human use.
Has a suitable qualification, a high professional qualification and adequate scientific knowledge on drugs that will be presented to doctors.
Within the scope of the legislation in the matter, can be called upon to perform, according to business needs, other activities, always in the area of pertinence, involving competence, experience and responsibilities.

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