Research and Development

Our mission is to improve people's lives through research and development of innovative solutions that can transform the practice of medicine.

We are involved in studying, supporting, and evaluating innovative projects in healthcare applying new techniques and methodologies to overcome barriers and accelerate progress.

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What are bio-digital solutions

We want to improve treatment outcomes by researching and developing new possible combinations of drug and digital applications. We believe in the importance of disease screening, monitoring disease evolution and active participation of patients in their own treatment process. We believe it can also be achieved through the help of Bio-Digital solutions such as Digital Supports and Digital Therapeutics.

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Our process

We cannot be certain of success, but we can create the conditions to achieve it.
We are open to new ideas, doing our best to provide sustainable answers to patient health needs.

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Projects Purpose

Polifarma's projects are related to the creation of a new paradigm for innovation in the health area in order to contribute to the development of solutions and create a digital-oriented culture that makes life easier for patients and health workers.

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We want to revolutionize healthcare.

We believe that delivering the right treatments at the right time is the key to doing so.
Your support is important for our research projects to help us to choose the right direction:

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