The company's success is all of our success.

Work with us.

Why Polifarma?

Polifarma is a company that, for almost a hundred years, has operated in a delicate context: pharmaceuticals.

At Polifarma, every day a group of about 140 professionals, including internal employees and the external network, works closely sharing knowledge, skills and expertise.
It is a group that studies, updates and compares.

​It is a group that works together to achieve a common goal, the most important:
people’s quality of life.

​At same time, we also protect our individuality, because we believe that only by doing this can each person’s professionalism add value to the teamwork.

How do we do it?

Training and refresher courses, motivation, making use of achievements and new challenges are only some of our corporate values.

The solid and secure context that has been created over the years, due to ownership that is sensitive and attentive to the needs of its employees, leads to mutual respect, dialogue and communication in the workplace and in the region, which are at the basis of any work activity.

You can apply for one of the business input areas using the form inside of each area. If your requirements are in line with the profile we are looking for will be our pleasure to contact you. Do not forget to enter the position you are applying for in the Subject field. Good luck!

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