Polifarma at Frontiers Health 2018

Annual meeting with Health Innovation.


Polifarma participated again this year in Frontiers Health, the annual event with innovation in health. The Conference was held again this year in Berlin, in the beautiful setting of the Funkhaus Nalepastraße, a building that from 1956 to 1990 housed the headquarters of the Rundfunk der DDR, the public radio station of the German Democratic Republic. And again this year, there have been many of us who have taken part in the event.



The Conference, strictly held in English, was attended by professionals from a wide range of industries: Pharmaceutical and medical device industries, universities, insurance companies, communication agencies, start-ups, freelancers, obviously doctors, and more.

All of them have a common mission: To intercept the future of medicine and health, to understand the deep revolution of the current healthcare context, and where it will take us, to work in teams using technology to improve patients' quality of life.

During the two-day event in Berlin, several speakers took turns on the stage of Studio 1 and in the dedicated rooms, where they talked about their experiences of results obtained thanks to digital solutions and drug therapies, their experiences in the field of digital health projects for specific populations, as well as sharing objectives and values.

In order to understand the extent of the topics on the agenda, we simply need to refer to a few keywords that have guided the entire event: Digital medicine, outcomes collection software, artificial intelligence, digital therapies, partnerships, and new business models, are just some of them.

At this third edition of Frontiers, at Polifarma, we consider ourselves an active part of the global health ecosystem; our mission, in fact, is to contribute to the dissemination of authoritative and quality health information, with a hundred years of pharmaceutical work endorsing us.

We are one of those companies that have identified digital transformation in health as the key to the organisation's development and the stakeholders' growth, both doctors and patients, and have chosen to be protagonists of the future healthcare.

After three years of Frontiers Health, we have seen the progress taking place; there has been a very high level of in-depth study of the issues discussed, as well as the number of projects (and results) reported.

It is our belief that the players involved at all levels are getting closer to each other, with regard to integration, sharing and optimization, towards an increasingly predictive medicine.

Moreover, investments in digital health start-ups continue to grow worldwide, and more companies are integrating the know-how of these small companies into their business models in order to offer innovative therapeutic paths on the market that are naturally customised to the patients' needs. Institutions are also gradually adapting to these new processes and responding to the needs arising from the use of digital channels and tools in their day-to-day.

Frontiers Health confirms its unique experience; it is always exciting to touch the future and take part in a meeting of this magnitude.

See you next year!



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