Cerebral ageing - Causes, symptoms and useful devices

The memory disorders are among the most obvious manifestations of cerebral aging.



The causes determining cerebral ageing can be various:

  1. Genetic factors: the genes of any individual can be more or less disposed to the outbreak of some diseases affecting the nervous system;
  2. Lifestyle: bad dietary habits, sedentary life, smoking, the misuse of alcohol and drugs can damage the brain much more rapidly than the process of natural trasformation involved in ageing;
  3. Social factors: the elderly are often likely to reduce their social contacts or personal interests. Subsequently the brain becomes less active and more predisposed to dementia.


The disorders concerning memory are some of the most evident and premature signs of cerebral ageing and can often be triggered by particularly stressful factors like mourning or retirement.

Useful expedients

In order to preserve brain health and, specifically, to put off its ageing, in order to decrease the chances of neurodegenerative disorders' outbreak, here are some useful tips:

  • Daily mind gymnastics
    • Don't expect to do several things at once
    • Take your time: by ageing, people require longer to memorize things
    • Think before you speak
    • Reflect
    • Actively participate in social life and pursue interests
    • Don't isolate yourself
    • Practice on quizzes and intellective skills tests.
  • Good dietary habits rich in vitamins and mineral salts

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